We Are (single)

by Stranger Kings



Recorded by Steve R
Mixed by @andyprickett
Art Work and Graphic Design:
Brett Carlson brett@bdsgn.com



{ WE ARE }

Why you waiting
I'm standing here
Why we lying
Truth is clear
Had to try so hard to get it wrong
Choose a side cause I can only
Hold the door so long

Don't wait too long

Clear the runway
I'm coming down
Sick of climbing
Through the clouds
Lose my breath so far up in the sky
Risk it all and now you know
How much I hate to fly

Don't wait too long


released July 18, 2011

Campuzano: Guitar
Herb Grimaud Jr: Bass
John Hertzberg: Keys, Beats
Holly Nelson: Vocals

Additional Contributors:
Steve R: Keys, Analog Synth Modules



all rights reserved


Stranger Kings

[ Eric Campuzano - Guitar ]
[ Herb Grimaud Jr. - Bass ]
[ Brady Esquivel - Drums ]
[ Holly Nelson - Vocals ]

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